Cycle to raise Buttocks and Leg in Women


Do you want better buttocks and shapely legs?

✔️ This Cycle is for you. It will help you increase with Exercises to increase Buttocks and Legs.

✔️ Completely SAFE cycle in the ideal doses, since the substances are exclusively for use by Women


1 Primobolan 100 10ml x 100mg

1 Stano 5 100 tablets of 5mg cu


Get the changes you've always dreamed of



Cycle to raise Glutes and Leg in Women:

Get the changes you've always wanted. Increase Buttocks and Legs gaining muscle in the trained areas. With this Cycle Raise Glutes and Legs in Women

Have you ever wondered why there are people who look Formidable in the GYM while many others Never Change? You need something to help you metabolize the protein you consume to build muscle in the areas you want to increase.

Start seeing radical changes from the first 4 weeks.

Enough of going to the gym without results. Reduce your Body Fat Percentage while gaining Muscle in the areas you want to train With this cycle made with the Best Quality and Completely Safe since they are substances of Exclusive use for Women.

Combining Primobolan with Stanozolol or better known as Winstrol in presentation for women they give the best results since they are anabolic to increase buttocks and legs.

Take your cycle with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Mexico.

Duration 10 weeks

Includes administration guide.

injections to increase the buttocks and legs

Beginner Women's Volume Cycle


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