Definition Cycle for Beginners


Are you losing weight and don't want to lose muscle?

✔️ This Cycle is for you. You will lose fat with the help of a calorie deficit diet without losing muscle.

✔️​ If your Protein Intake is High, you will gain Quality Muscle


1 Trenbo100 10ml x 100mg

1 Stano25 100 tablets of 25mg cu

1 Propionate100 10ml x 100mg




Beginners definition cycle:

The best cycle with Oral Stanozolol (Winstrol), Trenbolone Y Testosterone to define your muscles.

Duration 10 weeks

Ideal cycle to help lose fat, the cycle works by preventing the loss of muscle mass while the athlete is in a caloric deficit. It is the ideal combination to retain muscle and maintain quality.

Includes administration guide.

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