Lean Volume Cycle in Intermediate pills


Have you already done the Lean Volume Cycle and want what's Next?

✔️​ This Cycle is designed to be used After Lean Volume Cycle in Tablets

✔️​ Substances Are for Taking the Next Step


1 Oxandro10 100 Tablets of 10mg

1 Oxy50 75 tablets of 50mg each

1 Clenbuterol30 100 Tablets of 30mcg




Intermediate Lean Volume Pill Cycle:

Ideal cycle to use after using the Lean Volume Cycle Pills.

The combination of substances means that it continues to have the good results that it had with the first cycle and does not require something injectable

This cycle in tablets guarantees an increase in muscle mass and loss of fat at the same time, this is due to the combination of the 3 substances that together have this effect.

Cycle for 10 weeks.

Includes administration guide.

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