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Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan)
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What is oral and injectable primobolan?

Primobolan is the trade name given by the Schering laboratory, called Primobolan depot to its injectable version which contains methenolone enanthate and the Primobolan Tablets which contains methenolone acetate.

The difference between the two is the release time in the body. We specify this later.

Primobolan is a mild steroid, its androgenicity is very low. It can be used with good results even with a diet containing few calories.

It can be used both in the Volume Period and in the Definition Period, being preferred for definition due to its high cost.

What is primobolan used for?

Primobolan increases nitrogen retention in the muscles, this property makes it an anti-catabolic that will allow you to lose weight but without losing muscle mass.

Reason why it is widely used in periods of low-calorie diets, in terms of muscle mass gain this will be little in the case of Men, for Women it is one of the favorites due to its high safety.

So it is used to maintain the muscle mass already gained.

What effects does it have?

By increasing nitrogen retention, this prevents cortisol retention in the body by 80% which is a catabolic.

What prevents the loss of muscle mass.

This effect lasts for 2 weeks which makes it a medium to long lasting steroid.

As it is not a steroid that aromatizes, we will not have the concern of possible effects of gynecomastia or fluid retention.

So it also becomes an ideal cycle for definition and the most sought after in athletes looking to compete in bodybuilding for their last weeks.

Primobolan in women to increase buttocks:

As it is not a strong or aromatic substance, it is one of the safest substances for women. Even so, moderate doses are recommended and do not exceed 50mg per week. Widely used for increase legs and buttocks with excellent results.

The Primobolan is undoubtedly one of the favorite substances by women to add to their Cycles to have good changes Especially in Legs and buttocks which is the part that most seeks to improve.

In irregular women in their menstrual cycle, it has been reported that it regulates the cycle.

we have this Cycle to Increase Buttocks and Legs in Women that can help you safely as Our Clients to have the Changes you have always wanted to have.

In xtremesteroids We can help you choose the best substances to build your cycle with this substance and thus have the best results you are looking for, so you can contact us.

How to inject or how to take?

The injectable version is recommended to be used at least once a week to maintain the half-life in the body, which is one week. This substance can be used for long periods of time being used up to 12 to 15 weeks.

The substance is injected intramuscularly, with the buttock being the best option.

In the tablet version, it has a half-life of 8 hours, so it is recommended to use it twice a day, with a half-life of 4 hours.

The tablets are regularly 5mg so you can consume up to 4 tablets daily.

When does it take effect?

The injectable version reaches its half-life at one week, after that point the effect begins to decrease, so it is recommended to inject every week less to have the effect at its peak during the cycle.

In the tablet version it takes 4 hours to reach the maximum point, so you can use the tablet every 4 hours, the tablet being 5mg.

Where to buy primobolan in Mexico at the best price?

In Mexico there are many places where they are sold. There is a pharmacy version of Bayer at a very high price for an apolleta, although it is the best option.

In any gym where it is commonly sold by trainers. The problem is that the active substance is very expensive. That is why primobolan depot in the pharmacy is very expensive and is only sold with a prescription.

Most generic labs sell a fake version. Few are the serious laboratories that dare to handle the real substance due to the high costs.

For 10 years we have sold the best laboratories that can be obtained in this country, so you can Buy Primobolan at the Best Price in our store in a safe way.

How to know if it is original?

Serious laboratories have several seals of originality such as badges and/or holograms, normally on the laboratories' website you can ask for reports and confirm if the product in question is original.

As we mentioned above even with these seals. Laboratories not being able to afford the active substance or not wanting to invest in it and being a highly demanded product. There is the case of making substitutes with other substances.

where you have to beware mainly if the user is female. Since there have been cases where the substance is replaced by a stronger but cheaper substance. And the problem of androgenization and aromatization will have strong and in many cases non-reversible side effects.

The actual primobolan is the most expensive substance within steroids. So you should be wary of seeing similar costs with other substances.

What is better primobolan, winstrol, oxadrolone or masteron?

The 4 substances are characterized by having little or no aromatization effect. Soft products that even women can use, although they do show a certain difference, for example the winstrol It is slightly hepatoxic. The masteron in many cases it is used as an anti-estrogen because it competes for the receptors that cause conversion to estrogen, etc. Due to its anti-catabolic properties and being sought after for this purpose, primobolan is the best option. But in a definition cycle it is usually combined with one or more of these substances without any problem.

What side effects does it have?

As a consequence of its use, there is the possibility that the skin becomes oily, acne appears and there is an increase in the growth of facial and body hair in prone people.

Also if you are prone to baldness you can speed up the process.

People who are allergic to methenolone should not use this drug, including pregnant women, men who have or have had prostate cancer or liver tumors, and people with kidney or liver failure.

Those who decide to use this substance should be especially careful if they are diabetic, if they have had a history of myocardial infarction, epilepsy, migraine or if they are hypertensive.

Although Primobolan is a mild substance with few side effects associated with accelerating the development of illnesses already associated by a patient with a predisposition or history, a prior analysis is highly recommended to rule out any future complications in the use of this substance as with any other. steroid.

Primobolan and Doping:

This steroid, as we already mentioned, lasts 2 weeks but is detectable in the blood for up to 4 to 5 weeks in an anti-doping test.

So you have to consider the times of use.

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