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Proviron Mesterolone
25mg x 100 Tabs

✔️Post Cycle

✔️Muscle Hardness

✔️Reduce Estrogens

✔️Definition or Preventive Cycles in Strong Cycles



What is Proviron?

Mesterolone from English mesterolone (1 methyl-dehydrotestosterone) is known as Proviron given name of the company that markets it.

It is a derivative of testosterone so it is considered a steroid that is found in tablet form.

What is proviron for?

The product was originally created for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.

Mainly to treat low testosterone levels, lack of sexual desire and infertility problems.

In sports (in the gym) it is a steroid that has few anabolic effects. Since it is transformed in the body into an inactive metabolic substance such as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with an androgenic effect.

It competes for estrogen receptors in the body and, being an inactive substance, prevents other esters, including the naturally produced hormone, from converting to estrogen, preventing side effects such as fluid retention and gynecomastia.

For this reason, it is highly appreciated in definition cycles for the last few weeks.
Its effects are very similar to those of Masteron (Drostanolone).

How does mesterolone work?

As explained above. Due to its conversion into an inactive metabolic substance. But it competes for estrogen receptors, which are what generate fluid retention, among other side effects.

By occupying these receptors, they avoid the negative effects already mentioned, which results in muscle hardness. It largely prevents the possible appearance of gynecomastia and the radical mood swings that many other steroids produce mainly due to the conversion they have in the body.

In addition to this, it avoids the low libido caused by esters such as dianaboltrenbolone either deca, mainly when they are not combined with testosterones.

Many athletes continue its use during the post cycle, to lower levels of testosterone and the appearance of estrogens.

When to take Proviron and benefits?

This substance is recommended to be taken when a strong cycle is going to be carried out. When using substances that are easily converted to estrogens. Or when the athlete has a high conversion to estrogen naturally (person who easily retains water).

When fluid retention effects are not desired in bulking cycles. When looking to do a definition cycle to present greater muscle quality.

AND When the beginnings of gynecomastia are seen or the athlete has a predisposition to develop it.

As a post cycle, when an intermediate or advanced cycle has been carried out, when there is a predisposition to develop gynecomastia.

This is a Intermediate Volume Cycle with Proviron where it is used to prevent conversion to estrogen and have the best results of the other substances that are strong without side effects avoided by the Proviron.

How to take it?

As a preventative, you can take 25 to 50mg a day along with Tamoxifen. During the cycle or post cycle. As corrective seeing symptoms of gynecomastia take 50mg together with Arimidex.

Where to Buy Proviron in Mexico at the Best Price?

In Mexico in pharmacy there is sale under the name of Proviron, it is from Bayer and contains 20 tablets of 25mg.

There are also laboratories that sell the product for its active substance as a generic version.

Even so, you can find a variety of quality between laboratories and others with the falsified active substance. Therefore, care must be taken where the product is purchased.

We for more than 10 years sell the best laboratories that can be obtained in this country, so you can Buy Proviron at the best price in our store in a safe way.

How to know if it is original?

Serious labs have various hallmarks of originality such as badges and/or holograms. Normally on the laboratories website you can ask for reports and confirm if the product in question is original.

What side effects does it have?

Its side effects are not of great consideration if a dose of 2 pills per day is not exceeded, it is not harmful to the liver if that amount is respected.

If this dose is exceeded, a state of sexual over-stimulation can be reached and a continuous erection can be suffered. This can be dangerous as you may suffer an injury to the penis.

Use in women:

The use of Proviron must be more careful, in this case a daily dose of one 25mg pill is recommended instead of two, if this amount is exceeded for weeks virilization symptoms may appear.

Any steroid can accelerate the development of diseases already associated by a patient with predisposition or history. A prior analysis is highly recommended to rule out any future complications in the use of this substance.

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