Stano 100 Xt Gold


Stanozolol (Winstrol) 100mg/ml 20ml or 50ml Vehicle: Water for Injection

✔️ Extreme Definition Cycles

✔️ Muscle Hardening

✔️ Promotes fat loss

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Where and how is it injected? When and how to use it in Men

As mentioned Stanozolol is prepared in two different forms, as an oral tablet and an injectable solution. Although chemically identical, the usual injectable allows the user to take much higher doses of steroids at 3 to 4 day intervals.

This is of course because injectables are much more cost effective, and therefore normally the preferred form of administration.

For men the usual dose of Stanozolol is 15-25mg per day for tablets and 25-50 mg per day with the injectable (differences based solely on price and quantity).

It is often combined with other steroids depending on the desired results.

For bulking purposes, a higher androgen such as testosteroneDianabol or Oxymethalone is generally used. Here the stanozolol is going to balance the cycle a bit, giving us a good anabolic effect with less estrogenic activity than if you use such steroids alone. The result should be a considerable increase in new muscle mass, with a more comfortable level of water and fat retention.

For cutting phases and diets we could alternatively combine Stanozolol with a non-aromatic androgen such as Trenbolone either Masteron. The combinations should contribute to putting on a defined and striated body loved among bodybuilders.

The most sensitive people can also use compounds such as PrimobolanDeca either boldenone when they want to use some steroid stack. Here we should see good results and fewer side effects than is to be expected with androgenic therapies alone.

In XtremeSteroids We have Winstrol in 2 Cycles for Men the First Beginners Cutting Cycle with Winstrol Pills that will help you define muscle mass and maintain muscle mass while losing fat.

The second Lean Bulking Cycle on Pills with Winstrol It is a balanced Cycle for those who prefer Pills over Injectables and do not want to increase the toxicity of the substances in tablets. It still gives very good results, being one of our best-selling cycles and with Satisfied Customers.

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