Intermediate volume cycle


Do you want to gain a good amount of muscle mass?

✔️ This Cycle is for you, as long as you already have experience with the use of STRONG substances.

✔️​ Contains Protector that prevents conversion to estrogen, so it's completely safe.


1 Bolde300 10ml x 100mg

1 Macrotest400 10ml x 100mg

1 Oxy50 75 tablets of 50mg each

1 Provi25 100 tablets of 25mg each




Intermediate volume cycle:

Cycle for Volume With boldenone, Oxymetholone, Testosterone 400 Y Proviron. For Intermediate and Advanced in Use

Duration 10 weeks.

Ideal cycle for people with experience in the use of substances. The combination of 3 powerful substances and the protection of the proviron to avoid conversion to estrogen and unwanted effects. It guarantees the best muscle gains in complete safety at the best price.

If you are looking for a powerful cycle to get the best gains, this is the one.

The cycle includes an application guide.

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