Lean Volume Cycle Pills


Do you want a Volume Cycle but without Injectables?

✔️ This Cycle is For you, completely in tablets

✔️ Totally Safe due to the combination of the same


1 Stano Ultra25 100 Tablets of 25mg

1 Diana25 100 tablets of 25mg cu

1 Clenbuterol30 100 Tablets of 30mcg




Lean Volume Pill Cycle:

Ideal cycle to increase muscle mass without fluid retention and also helps fat loss. For those who cannot inject or do not like it. This cycle can be used by a beginner as well as an intermediate person as the cycle is smooth.

This oral cycle guarantees an increase in muscle mass and loss of fat at the same time, this is due to the combination of the 3 substances that together have this effect.

Cycle for 10 weeks.

Includes administration guide.

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